"VAMPIRES" has been Released!

PRINCESS HORROR:  Ultra-dimensional transformational chick who uses her powers of metamorphosis and Imperial ballet to fight for the rights of humanity!

JACK LASER:  Guitar-wielding sci-fi creature with the power of manipulating electricity into stopping evil everywhere!

HERO GEORGE:  Bass-playing fantasy wizard who leaps into magical action to protect innocents everywhere!

STAIN LEE:  Quiet percussion being who unleashes a horror of sonic blasts against all who disgrace the human race!

Edgy, Hard, Pop, Rock

since, we've been packin' the house with party people who raise the roof. We've got thunder in our hearts and lightning in our pants. That's how the PHAT gets down, son! It's your most magical night EVER. Dance, Mother-F**kers, Dance!

PHAT! Ever since our first concert at age two, we knew we had to bring a stronger performance and better music than ALL of the other bands out there. It has to be more than just a musical concert event. It has to be a flat-out total attack on all SEVEN senses! We out dropping rock, Jacques! Well, that's what we did. And ever

PRINCESS HORROR and The Monster Head is...

And Then